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is the

Green Tech
Clean Tech

company for

-Marking Equipment
-"Green" Inks
-Document Destruction
-Security Products
-Hand Stamps
-Custom Development


  • Marking and coding equipment that puts Expiration dates etc. on products
  • Supplies

  • Inks that are environmentally safe
  • Desktop and Industrial size shredder and pulper for destruction of sensitive documents
  • Shredding and Pulping services to destroy Information for you
  • We are creating a web-based exchange for the resale of unused ink to reduce wastage
  • We recycle the paper pulp produced by our DocuPulper so it can be reused for other products


An innovative and globally oriented company JMD has been in existence for many years. Starting of as a manufacturer and global distributor of Marking and Coding Equipment and Supplies, JMD has evolved and changed with the times.  We have been environmentally conscious before it was fashionable to be so. Our new products have been developed with a responsible and social conscience such that they benefit all.

During this period, the JMD name has become known for high quality, prompt response and the best customer service in the industry. JMD's top officials have dozens of years of technical education and experience in the packaging business combined with many years of business expertise. They are well situated to help solve their customers' technical and business problems, as well as provide consulting services to custom develop environmentally friendly inks based on the customers needs.


Come to JMD, We can Help

JMD Saves Lives
Stopping you from using expired products
Protecting your confidential information and i.d.

Putting warnings on toxic materials
Protecting the environment with "green" inks
Putting control numbers on auto (and other) products to facilitate recalls


JMD Secures Confidential Information
Shredding and pulping Sensitive Information so it cannot be retrieved
Stamping sensitive information with opaque ink to make it unreadable
Using special ink to make information invisible
Offering Shredding and Pulping Services for Individuals and Corporations

Marking and Coding Machines and Hand Printers See All

Supplies for Marking and Coding Machines and Hand Printers  See All

Environmentally Friendly Inks See All

Difficult to Mark Surface Coders
Coders for the rounded surface of bottles as well as lids and bottoms See All


Document Destruction
Ways to destroy sensitive information and protect your identity See All


Custom Services
Consulting Services to develop custom inks, re-engineer machines to your personal requirements See Details


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